About Us

At Coté Legal Services we provide professional and effective legal services for individuals, start-ups, and established businesses in the areas of Small Business, Technology , and Intellectual Property.  We serve our clients in a manner that is personable and cost-effective.

Much more than an attorney, Matthew is a counselor with perspective and insight who promotes synergy and strategic thinking within your enterprise or legal situation.  He is a problem solver who will handle your legal situation with humility and care while providing insight into the bigger picture.

At Coté Legal Services the billable hour is a thing of the past.  We offer service packages that allow clients to control legal costs and are based upon the value we add to their enterprise.

In addition, we operate a paperless office which reduces our client’s costs.  We take advantage of efficiencies made possible by technology and imagination and pass the savings on to our clients.

The end goal is to change the public’s perception of the legal profession, one positive client experience at a time.

Your time and convenience matters!  Our attorney will come to you!  Call  to schedule an “in business” or “in home” consultation.  With offices in both Brighton and Grosse Pointe Park we serve all of Metro Detroit and most of Mid Michigan.

Position your new enterprise for success with Coté Legal Services.
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