Business Consulting

At Coté Legal Services, ALL BUSINESS is BIG BUSINESS!  We provide support for your business from the inception of your enterprise and beyond.

For our clients, their small businesses mean the entire world to them.   Since there is no such thing as small business for our clients, there is no such thing as small business at Coté Legal Services.

We are dedicated to the success of our clients’ enterprises.  We counsel entrepreneurs and businesses on all legal matters that they may encounter.  We offer holistic business services while also providing prompt access to an attorney for consultation. Our services are cost-effective help your business maintain profitability and growth.

We provide legal services that help your business:

(1)  obtain financing (both secured and unsecured),
(2)  obtain legal status,
(3)  plan for initial success,
(4)  develop assets (including intellectual property),
(5)  review, negotiate, and draft contracts.
(6)  complete transactions,
(7)  implement systems for consistent profit and sustainable growth,
(8) comply with regulations and avoid liability,
(9) cooperate with local government in zoning and construction.

Whether you are just starting out or you have an established business, call today, (734) 546-2386 and let us help you plan for long term success, avoid legal heartbreak, and find happiness in business!